About Your Fan Daddies

Who're your Fan Daddies?
Fan Daddies is a LGBTQ+ owned and operated small business based in the Los Angeles area of Southern California. We are excited to bring fun and original designs to you channeled through our award winning scholars at our self-proclaimed world famous Fan Academy. During this delicate education process, we train the best bamboo along with the best fabrics and materials side by side to then ceremoniously smash them together in the best way possible.

Our team here at Fan Daddies is dedicated and very excited to utilize local graphic artists to dream up new and interesting designs. Designs that are totally fetch. You may think that fetch can't happen, but it totally can. It's a reality that is taking shape right now in this very fetch moment. Okay, sorry for trying to make fetch happen. But yeah, we are totally chill people and appreciate you taking the time to visit our site! We also love attending festivals, prides, cruises, street fairs, sidewalk sales, and wherever else we can put up a booth and share the good vibes with you all. Be sure to come by our booth and say hello! We would love to see you!

Be sure to follow us on Instagram (@fandaddies), Facebook (@fandaddies), or add us on Snapchat (@fandaddies)! If you'd like to be featured, be sure to mention us so we can slap your mug all over our social media and get you some extra followers!

Our hope is that you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy making them for you and your friends! Be safe out there! Be sure to always give out high fives and pass out the good vibes on to your friends, family, and even strangers! We all need it (and it's free to do)! However, during this crazy pandemic we are in, we will allow fist bumps and elbow bumps in the meantime. Once the pandemic is over, you may resume to high fives and good vibes! 🥰


This is dedicated to a friend and all around great person who unexpectedly passed away in 2019. May you rest in power SK, you're dearly missed.